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OS X Lion : The first days (Migrating eMails and other stuff …)

Posted by Michael on July 22, 2011

I started with a fresh installation and checked carefully which software to install. Luckily I found  nearly all licenses. Only EyeTV I had to move manually with some tips from the internet.

Then the most important part : my eMails !
At the moment I use Apple Mail (private) and Thunderbird (business) . Moving Thunderbird was very annoying with errors like “Postbox is in use” or “Thunderbird is already running”. I searched the internet but nothing helped. Finally found the solution myself:  Created a new empty profile and copied all stuff from my old Thunderbird installation, voilà !
Second: Apple Mail. This helped, although I made a big mistake first moving mail folder inside  the new mail folder and wondered why some stuff was missing. After deleting everything and moving mail folder to the correct location everything worked as before.

I didn’t come across any problems with non-working applications yet. Have no problems with scrolling and love my trackpad. Just have to get used to all those gestures.


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