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VMware Fusion 4 (pre-Beta) first impressions

Posted by Michael on April 15, 2011

Installs as usual, existing VM’s are migrated on opening. On first start a VMware user agent is installed, after restart VMware tools are updated. Compared to VMware Fusion 3.1.2  startup is faster and overall responsiveness too.
Only very little problems so far, running stable, no error yet.

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Vmware Fusion 4 (pre-Beta) Screenshots

Posted by Michael on April 14, 2011

Here first screenshots of VMware Fusion 4

Virtual Library

Settings Dialog

A new option : Hardware Version

(more to come)

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VMware Fusion 4 (Beta around the corner) ?

Posted by Michael on April 13, 2011

Found something which looks like an upcoming VMware Fusion 4 Beta.
Just have to assure that it is virus free, no trojans and then get it up and running, f 3.x license keys do not work so far.

Will post screenshots if possible

Edit: Yes, it is a VMware Fusion 4 (pre Beta), up and running. Now testing with various existing vm’s

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Mac Mini 64bit Kernel

Posted by Michael on April 27, 2010

My Mac Pro (2008)  runs with the 64 bit kernel perfect. No blocker yet.  All tools like VMware work.

I use this Startup Mode Selector for switching. On my Mac Mini Server it does not work.

Tried this and this where the latter has a comment which says it works for mac Mini too. But not for me, yet …

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Cocoa (Touch) Components

Posted by Michael on April 26, 2010

Searching the internet for infos about development of Cocoa (Touch) components. It is so different from Delphi, have to to learn a lot.

Maybe I put together a link list from what I found.

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Posted by Michael on April 26, 2010

A fortnight ago I got my iPad 64GB WiFi and I love it. Hard working on extending my programming know how of Objective-C/Cocoa/Touch etc

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Long time ….

Posted by Michael on April 26, 2010

Too much work, too much trouble, exhausted …
but now slowly recovering 😉

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Wow ! Benjamin Zander

Posted by Michael on March 17, 2009

I stumbled across this video with Benjamin Zander. It immediatelly made my morning brighter !

Just found another video.

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My first Amazon Webservices EC2 + S3 experience

Posted by Michael on March 13, 2009

Yeah, I made it 🙂 Details follow …

Targets I want to achieve sometime

  • replace my various webhosters with an AWS EC2/S3 based WebServer
  • having a “playground” instance for development (LISP … and other) not only usable by myself (maybe)
  • a windows based server for customer services

Dreamin’ of a service for iPod/iPhone …

Edit :  Sometimes I’m an idiot … but finally managed to run an Windows Server /w WebDAV for file transfer and running the ADS database server.

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Beeing ill gives some spare time playing

Posted by Michael on March 13, 2009

I’m quite ill for a week now and it will take another 2 weeks to recover from to this horrible influentia.

Can’t stay in bed all time I use some of this spare time for experiments, like first steps with Amazon Webservices for example,
maybe I blog about these experiments

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