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VMware Fusion 4 (pre-Beta) first impressions

Posted by Michael on April 15, 2011

Installs as usual, existing VM’s are migrated on opening. On first start a VMware user agent is installed, after restart VMware tools are updated. Compared to VMware Fusion 3.1.2  startup is faster and overall responsiveness too.
Only very little problems so far, running stable, no error yet.

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Vmware Fusion 4 (pre-Beta) Screenshots

Posted by Michael on April 14, 2011

Here first screenshots of VMware Fusion 4

Virtual Library

Settings Dialog

A new option : Hardware Version

(more to come)

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VMware Fusion 4 (Beta around the corner) ?

Posted by Michael on April 13, 2011

Found something which looks like an upcoming VMware Fusion 4 Beta.
Just have to assure that it is virus free, no trojans and then get it up and running, f 3.x license keys do not work so far.

Will post screenshots if possible

Edit: Yes, it is a VMware Fusion 4 (pre Beta), up and running. Now testing with various existing vm’s

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Gentoo Linux & VMware Server 2

Posted by Michael on March 3, 2009

Finally I got it working on my new server. Quite easy, but one problem left: Only with VMware Remote Desktop I have access to my VM’s,
but not with any Remote Desktop Application, neither on Windows Vista nor  on OS X Leopard.

But I will get this working too … sometime …

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VMware Fusion & Windows Vista Ultimate

Posted by Michael on March 3, 2008

I had to buy a Vista for testing development / applications with. Did already some Vista installations before and was astonished how smoth installation, updating etc was in VMware Fusion. And it is running stable. But then I see/hear about from fellow developers who struggle with M$ Windows every day: I love Mac OS X Leopard – only one crash in 5 months and OS X is running 16 h/day !

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