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VMware Fusion 4 (pre-Beta) first impressions

Posted by Michael on April 15, 2011

Installs as usual, existing VM’s are migrated on opening. On first start a VMware user agent is installed, after restart VMware tools are updated. Compared to VMware Fusion 3.1.2  startup is faster and overall responsiveness too.
Only very little problems so far, running stable, no error yet.

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Vmware Fusion 4 (pre-Beta) Screenshots

Posted by Michael on April 14, 2011

Here first screenshots of VMware Fusion 4

Virtual Library

Settings Dialog

A new option : Hardware Version

(more to come)

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VMware Fusion 2 Beta

Posted by Michael on May 30, 2008

I’m using now for about a week, even in a productive enviroment.

– memory consumption is quite a bit higher compared to VMware on windows (with v1 too)
– debug is off, but the vm’s can become slow
– Multi monitor is working partially (3rd monitor identfied but blank),
maybe cause I use 2 different grapic cards and 3 monitors with different resolutions

No time yet for testing 3D graphics with some games but will do soon. Overall it’s stable – had never experienced any real problem with beta’s in the past – and I’m looking forward to the final version.

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Virtualizing OS X with VMware

Posted by Michael on May 29, 2008

An interesting post to read about running an unpatched Darwin 9 system in vmware fusion, saying:

” Obviously this is with the goal of officially supporting the virtualization of OS X which will be coming at some point in the future. As Regis mentions on his website, VMware is not doing a “Hackintosh” but a real installation of OS X from a factory-sealed DVD”.

Read full post here.  The post from Regis you find here

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Apple AirPort Express Basestation 802.11n

Posted by Michael on March 28, 2008

Got it today, it is small and neat, installation on OS X and/or Windows absolute easy.
Ok, the USB is only for a printer, but that is ok for the moment. Maybe I add another Airport Extreme Basestation or a Time Capsule.

On my Hackintosh I have only a built-in RTL8187L (USB) which didn’t work a long time but now Realtek has released new drivers here.
Now it works and even got it working inside VM’s with Windows XP / Windows Vista.

And my iPod Touch is happy too with the fast WiFi connection now.

And looking forward to my Mac Pro ….

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VMware Fusion “The network bridge device on /dev/vmnet0 is not running”

Posted by Michael on January 27, 2008

Suddenly ran into this problem, no vm worked anymore. Searching the internet gave me hints but no solution.

The clue was in the System profiler. I had switched from a server based to a local pppoe connection. This pppoe connection showed in system profiler as another ethernet en0 BSD device name. After deleting and re-creating the pppoe connection on the second internal ethernet en1 everything was ok again !

Nothing perfect yet …
Switching to local pppoe I have to remove the router entry from the network device, but then vm’s don’t work anymore.
But with an router entry internet doesn’t work correct.

I use now wo different network configurations in Leopard: one server based with a router entry and another one with a local pppoe connection.

Edit /23.02.2008: Another failure, this entry helped
Edit /20.04.2008: Every now and then I still get this error. Either this command

    sudo /Library/Application Support/VMWare Fusion/boot.sh –restart
or rebooting helps.

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