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OS X Lion: Moving previous Time machine files failing again [Update] and again [Update2] but finally ok now

Posted by Michael on July 24, 2011

After 5 hrs preparing files for copying the process started and failed again with an error -50.
Cloning with CCC is impossible too.

This is a horror.

Made a image with disc utilities, a slow process … but finished after 3 hrs!
Moving the 180 GB file to a different HD took another 1.5 hrs
now trying to restore to a different drive …

Checking image meant waiting another 75 minutes – Restore failed with error “Not enough free space on target drive”
Trying a direct restore from drive to drive failed with identical error although source has 510 GB while target has 650 GB free space
Never before ran into such problems on moving files or complete contents of a hard drive. 

Found some hints related to free space on a drive and drive fragmentation. The TimeMachine HD was > 21% fragmented, defragmentation took 8 hrs,
copy process another 3 hrs. So finally everything is ok now, only took more than 3 days to accomplish such a simple task.


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OS X Lion : 5th day and diving deeper …

Posted by Michael on July 24, 2011

The common user will have no problems with OS X Lion, but if you use it extensive and dive deeper into the system …

My system is a MacPro 2008 /w 32 GB RAM / NVIDIA 8800 GT,  luckily without any app needing Rosetta, but

– Very annyoing: in more than 50% cases NO USB port is working after a restart (no keyboard, no mouse, only Trackpad !!),  have to shut down, wait a second or two and start the machine again.

Changing access rights does not work properly:  on adding a user or changing “read only” to “read & write”  often nothing happens
– Is this normal ?  One time on changing access rights on a 600 GB HD the process was still running after 18 hrs  and I had to cancel it

–  Z-order of windows is not always correct (for example:  drag&drop files in finder on a different directory: in SnowLeopard a new window was opened top most, in Lion it may hide behind other windows)
– Path bar in finder: add a new directory in finder, rename it, step into and finder path bar still shows “new directory” instead of the new name
– Copying my Time machine files (500 GB) from my Snow Leopard installation to a backup HD failed after > 6 hrs with an error -50 (Trying again today with changed access rights)

– Safari: clicking on a tab sometimes reloads the webpage before displaying
– sometimes going back a page in history, Safari shows an empty page

– Mission control: on Snow Leopard it was possible to move app windows in Spaces overview from one desktop to another but not possible with Mission control

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OS X Lion : Virtualization

Posted by Michael on July 22, 2011

Was not yet able to install OS X Lion in a vm with VMware Fusion or Parallels.
Upgrading a vm running Snow Leopard failed too.

Have still 2 working vm’s running Snow Leopard.

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Ordering a 17″ MacBook Pro

Posted by Michael on July 22, 2011

For some years I rarely used a laptop. For a new project I had to revive my old windows laptop, but it is not powerful enough for my virtual machines.
So I am going to order a 17″ MacBook Pro with anti-glare screen everything else just basic configuration. Will later upgrade to 16 GB RAM and add a 256 GB SSD as system disk.
And am dreaming of one of these new 27″ Thunderbolt monitors and an external Thunderbolt RAID system.

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OS X Lion : 3rd day

Posted by Michael on July 22, 2011

I upgraded three other systems to OS X Lion with no problems. Great !!!  Thinking about upgrading my Mac Mini to OS X Lion Server or the other Mac Pro.

Working more and more with trackpad, is real fun. My Logitech mouse works, but behaves little bit different with scrolling etc
Had lots of spaces before so I need some time to get used to mission control. But it is working like a charm with trackpad gestures.

Some minor things:
– download and open DMG files, finder window does not become top most window anymore, hides behind all other windows
– an app does not open a window after closing main one  (for example: closed main window of Voodoopad and was unable to get an window opened on the actual doc, had to restart app)
– several times I got stuck on a webpage (for example: PayPal logged in, but did not move on to next page)
– display of Google maps goes wild with the mouse zooming in and out
– (subjective) in general some internet related stuff seems slower

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OS X Lion : The first days (Migrating eMails and other stuff …)

Posted by Michael on July 22, 2011

I started with a fresh installation and checked carefully which software to install. Luckily I found  nearly all licenses. Only EyeTV I had to move manually with some tips from the internet.

Then the most important part : my eMails !
At the moment I use Apple Mail (private) and Thunderbird (business) . Moving Thunderbird was very annoying with errors like “Postbox is in use” or “Thunderbird is already running”. I searched the internet but nothing helped. Finally found the solution myself:  Created a new empty profile and copied all stuff from my old Thunderbird installation, voilà !
Second: Apple Mail. This helped, although I made a big mistake first moving mail folder inside  the new mail folder and wondered why some stuff was missing. After deleting everything and moving mail folder to the correct location everything worked as before.

I didn’t come across any problems with non-working applications yet. Have no problems with scrolling and love my trackpad. Just have to get used to all those gestures.

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VMware Fusion 4 (pre-Beta) first impressions

Posted by Michael on April 15, 2011

Installs as usual, existing VM’s are migrated on opening. On first start a VMware user agent is installed, after restart VMware tools are updated. Compared to VMware Fusion 3.1.2  startup is faster and overall responsiveness too.
Only very little problems so far, running stable, no error yet.

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Vmware Fusion 4 (pre-Beta) Screenshots

Posted by Michael on April 14, 2011

Here first screenshots of VMware Fusion 4

Virtual Library

Settings Dialog

A new option : Hardware Version

(more to come)

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Mac Mini 64bit Kernel

Posted by Michael on April 27, 2010

My Mac Pro (2008)  runs with the 64 bit kernel perfect. No blocker yet.  All tools like VMware work.

I use this Startup Mode Selector for switching. On my Mac Mini Server it does not work.

Tried this and this where the latter has a comment which says it works for mac Mini too. But not for me, yet …

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New Mac OS X 10.5.7 build 9J30 seeded

Posted by Michael on March 13, 2009

Apple seeded this new build via ADC to developers a day ago with only few change.

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