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My iPod Touch (1G) jailbreaked with QuickPwn using Cydia

Posted by Michael on March 3, 2009

I didn’t use it much for about 6 months. But now bought the update via iTunes and gave QuickPwn a try. Perfect !

Then I stopped at the AppStore in iTunes. Overwhelming … got lost. It’s a pity that there is no real database,
or tags or … whatever could be helpfull to find apps which could be usefull for my purposes.

At least it works perfect, it’s a lot of fun playing with, using it as big USB stick replacement or a Password Safe or whatever.

And I’ll buy the videos from The Pragmatic Programmers for the first steps towards my first iPhone / iPod Touch application.
Just hope that i get the time for …


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iPod Touch – Cydia Packager – Updates with too many errors

Posted by Michael on April 11, 2008

After nothing really worked as already stated in previous posts, today early in the morning, Cydia reproted one error and afterwards 42 available updates. How long will it take to have all updates installed ? 10-15 min for the first / second … then a POSIX error, and another, and another … !

I don’t know why there is no better check implemented if a package is available or not. Instead it starts downloading and what ? Waiting for a timeout ?

It finished updating NetDB und stops with package error: “NetDB: No address associated with hostname”. And this error stays, had to cklick about 30 times till it was gone. Now I have 39 waiting updates ? I tried an “update all”, forget it ! Do it one by one, thus being able to identify those updates which cause trouble.

Status: After 2 hrs work I got 15 updates installed, still get lots of errors. Every now and then I have to switch off and on again. Another hour later all left updates either are broken or can’t be downloaded or what ever, NetDB throwing one error after error …

Edit: Second day, 10 hrs of updates: Still 11 left … after  a failed update I have to toggle Wifi off an on
otherwise it doesn’t find any server.
15 hrs: 5 more done, 6 left … I give up for now

Edit: 2 days later finally all updated.

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iPhone problems: IMEI: Unknown | ICCID: Unknown | No WiFi | etc.

Posted by Michael on April 5, 2008

Maybe here, here or here you can find a solution

In general on hackint0sh.org you can find lots of interesting info / tips & tricks etc

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Dualbooting iPhone, Apple SDK with “Open Tool Chain”, etc.

Posted by Michael on April 5, 2008

This website has really great infos about dualbooting iPhone and much more.
But take care, this stuff isn’t for the average user !

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iBooter for iPhone / Pod Touch

Posted by Michael on April 5, 2008

Interactive console here. Haven’t tried it yet.

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Ziphone 3.0 changes MAC address of iPhone / iPod Touch

Posted by Michael on April 5, 2008

I did jailbreak’ing my iPod Touch luckily with 2.6b as I don’t like the idea of a software changing the MAC address of my iPod. I had no WiFi problems at all so far.

More here

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iPhone SDK

Posted by Michael on April 5, 2008

A little bit late but here is an interesting blog entry about the SDK and its restrictions and potentials.

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Pwnage for iPhone / iPod Touch

Posted by Michael on April 5, 2008

Read about here, here. The hompage is here.

Pwange is a tool which allows to load custom firmware on your iPhone/iPod Touch and use any software with it afterwards.

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iPod Touch – Updating / Refreshing sources (again)

Posted by Michael on March 30, 2008

I love my iPod, it’s great while walking my dog to listen to some music, audio books etc.

But …

Install.app doesn’t update sources again, hangs / freezes. So should I delete all sources and uninstall Community source,
update and re-install them again ?
Cydia does update sources but too often I get some POSIX error, so can’t update BossPref get another POSIX error.

This spoils a little bit my happiness, if I just could find some info about these errors. At the moment nothing new is installed,
just wait and see, if anything changes next days.

Edit (01.04.2008) Finally today Cydia updates worked, after 4 days trying …
Edit (05.04.2008) The “Featured” screen of Installer.app had changed quite a bit, but again no source update
Edit (08.04.2008) Installer.app still doesn’t refresh source, Cydia reports package errors (Redirection loop) all the time, can’t install updates. Removed all sources but AppTapp and Saurik, still can’t reinstall Cydia Packager

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Apple AirPort Express Basestation 802.11n

Posted by Michael on March 28, 2008

Got it today, it is small and neat, installation on OS X and/or Windows absolute easy.
Ok, the USB is only for a printer, but that is ok for the moment. Maybe I add another Airport Extreme Basestation or a Time Capsule.

On my Hackintosh I have only a built-in RTL8187L (USB) which didn’t work a long time but now Realtek has released new drivers here.
Now it works and even got it working inside VM’s with Windows XP / Windows Vista.

And my iPod Touch is happy too with the fast WiFi connection now.

And looking forward to my Mac Pro ….

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