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SBCL x86-64 working (suse64)

Posted by Michael on March 4, 2008

Finally I managed to get a working 64 bit threaded sbcl enviroment working with hunchentoot on SUSE64 /w 400 MB RAM.

Necessary changes :

  • forget about cffi and uffi tests (at least for now) got them at least partially working
  • in cffi/src/libraries.lisp had to change (defparameter *cffi-feature-suffix-map* … (cffi-features:unix . “.so.0”))
    I don’t like this change, cause now every lib needs to be symlinked but haven’t found other working solutions yet
  • run sbcl with “–dynamic-space-size 256


  • no make’ing of any *.so (needed by clsql for example) make them by hand
  • no database or any storage backend yet got clsql installed, made needed *.so’s by hand

Now I leave it running for some days to check for memory consumption and errors.

Edit /March 06

  • 2 days working, so far no errors, adding basic pages again
  • clsql connects to a MySQL database

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clsql, elephant and suse-linux-x64

Posted by Michael on February 27, 2008

Now that I’m getting a little bit more comfort with Emacs/Slime and remote development, a new, big problem hit me :
Neither clsql nor elephant will work. Both come with some C source which compiles fine to *.so but either a function (atol64) is not found or the *.so can’t be loaded at all.
So for the moment I’m a bit lost in the dark, don’t really know how to solve these problems. Searching the internet up and down gave me no hints yet, but I keep trying.

Edit: Tried it and I can load clsql without problems on gentoo, on Mac OS X Leopard but not on SUSE64. What the heck is the reason for it ???
Edit2: Low memory …

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