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OS X Lion: Moving previous Time machine files failing again [Update] and again [Update2] but finally ok now

Posted by Michael on July 24, 2011

After 5 hrs preparing files for copying the process started and failed again with an error -50.
Cloning with CCC is impossible too.

This is a horror.

Made a image with disc utilities, a slow process … but finished after 3 hrs!
Moving the 180 GB file to a different HD took another 1.5 hrs
now trying to restore to a different drive …

Checking image meant waiting another 75 minutes – Restore failed with error “Not enough free space on target drive”
Trying a direct restore from drive to drive failed with identical error although source has 510 GB while target has 650 GB free space
Never before ran into such problems on moving files or complete contents of a hard drive. 

Found some hints related to free space on a drive and drive fragmentation. The TimeMachine HD was > 21% fragmented, defragmentation took 8 hrs,
copy process another 3 hrs. So finally everything is ok now, only took more than 3 days to accomplish such a simple task.


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