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OS X Lion : 5th day and diving deeper …

Posted by Michael on July 24, 2011

The common user will have no problems with OS X Lion, but if you use it extensive and dive deeper into the system …

My system is a MacPro 2008 /w 32 GB RAM / NVIDIA 8800 GT,  luckily without any app needing Rosetta, but

– Very annyoing: in more than 50% cases NO USB port is working after a restart (no keyboard, no mouse, only Trackpad !!),  have to shut down, wait a second or two and start the machine again.

Changing access rights does not work properly:  on adding a user or changing “read only” to “read & write”  often nothing happens
– Is this normal ?  One time on changing access rights on a 600 GB HD the process was still running after 18 hrs  and I had to cancel it

–  Z-order of windows is not always correct (for example:  drag&drop files in finder on a different directory: in SnowLeopard a new window was opened top most, in Lion it may hide behind other windows)
– Path bar in finder: add a new directory in finder, rename it, step into and finder path bar still shows “new directory” instead of the new name
– Copying my Time machine files (500 GB) from my Snow Leopard installation to a backup HD failed after > 6 hrs with an error -50 (Trying again today with changed access rights)

– Safari: clicking on a tab sometimes reloads the webpage before displaying
– sometimes going back a page in history, Safari shows an empty page

– Mission control: on Snow Leopard it was possible to move app windows in Spaces overview from one desktop to another but not possible with Mission control


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