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OS X Lion : 3rd day

Posted by Michael on July 22, 2011

I upgraded three other systems to OS X Lion with no problems. Great !!!  Thinking about upgrading my Mac Mini to OS X Lion Server or the other Mac Pro.

Working more and more with trackpad, is real fun. My Logitech mouse works, but behaves little bit different with scrolling etc
Had lots of spaces before so I need some time to get used to mission control. But it is working like a charm with trackpad gestures.

Some minor things:
– download and open DMG files, finder window does not become top most window anymore, hides behind all other windows
– an app does not open a window after closing main one  (for example: closed main window of Voodoopad and was unable to get an window opened on the actual doc, had to restart app)
– several times I got stuck on a webpage (for example: PayPal logged in, but did not move on to next page)
– display of Google maps goes wild with the mouse zooming in and out
– (subjective) in general some internet related stuff seems slower


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