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Open Genera – A Lisp machine on Linux

Posted by Michael on April 29, 2008

Another post here on HowTo run the OpenGenera port by Brad Parker on an Ubuntu installation.
I will try installation in a vmware, last one doesn’t work 100%


2 Responses to “Open Genera – A Lisp machine on Linux”

  1. H. Irvine said

    see the vlm entry on cliki for a possible explanation of the save world problem.

  2. Tony said

    Hi! Do you know how much RAM does Open Genera 2 need?
    I’m running it on top of Tru64 Unix which is running for itself on top of FreeAXP emulator in a WindowsXP machine.
    FreeAXP limits the RAM to 128 MB.
    I can’t start open genera because it says something like “can’t allocate”.
    I set memory to 256 in .VLM file.
    If I increase swap space, will Open Genera run with no problem?
    If yes, how much swap space should I have?

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