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Lisp playground crashed

Posted by Michael on April 1, 2008

My Lisp server crashed today and my Lisp playground is offline. Have to look tomorrow what happend.

Edit: Crashed or not, that is the question. The SBCL server process was finished, no error. Maybe my virtual host was restarted ?


2 Responses to “Lisp playground crashed”

  1. Nice to see it worked for that long. But today the playground is crashed as well :(. Is this a recurring issue? More importantly where do you get your VPS 🙂 (okay you guessed it i am in the market for a SBCL with Hunchentoot too — but no Apache)

    • Michael said

      I had no time to check, way to much work is eating up all my time.
      It was not updated for about 6 months now and SBCL and all libs are outdated.
      At first crashes were due to memory, now I don’t really know.
      Will check and restart, maybe I can add some time display showing how long it is running already.

      The VPS is hosted at 1blu.de, but I want to move a real server this year as there is more stuff to host
      for my work.


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