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iPod Touch – Updating / Refreshing sources (again)

Posted by Michael on March 30, 2008

I love my iPod, it’s great while walking my dog to listen to some music, audio books etc.

But …

Install.app doesn’t update sources again, hangs / freezes. So should I delete all sources and uninstall Community source,
update and re-install them again ?
Cydia does update sources but too often I get some POSIX error, so can’t update BossPref get another POSIX error.

This spoils a little bit my happiness, if I just could find some info about these errors. At the moment nothing new is installed,
just wait and see, if anything changes next days.

Edit (01.04.2008) Finally today Cydia updates worked, after 4 days trying …
Edit (05.04.2008) The “Featured” screen of Installer.app had changed quite a bit, but again no source update
Edit (08.04.2008) Installer.app still doesn’t refresh source, Cydia reports package errors (Redirection loop) all the time, can’t install updates. Removed all sources but AppTapp and Saurik, still can’t reinstall Cydia Packager

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