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iPod Touch – Cydia Package Manager

Posted by Michael on March 27, 2008

I gave it a try and it worked really fast. Following the instructions Cydia was installed within minutes although there was a warning about a slow installation process.

After installation I updated sources ( got an POSIX error here, but still much faster than with Installer.app ) and finally 5 updates were shown including one for Cydia itself. I chose to do all of them in one go. It finished with a message about a necessary restart of Cydia.
Interesting: Before installation I had ~125 MB free on / after still 120 MB were left although Cydia needed 35 MB for installation.
So it really does a good job of moving stuff and freeing diskspace.

Scrolling throught the package list is really amazing !

I nearly gave up the idea of any Lisp dialect on the IPod touch but now there might be hope. 😉


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