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iPod Touch 32 GB – Jailbreak – Updating sources freezes … [Solved]

Posted by Michael on March 25, 2008

This link lifehacker let me trust in the process and I did it using Ziphone 2.6b. Really no more than 45″ and my iPod touch 32 GB was jailbrek’ed ! Wow !
Didn’t loose any data (WiFi, Mail account, music, calendar etc)

Then I got into troubles as the Installer.app on first start always tried “Refreshing sources” and hang / freezed …
Searching the internet didn’t help much but gave me the idea of deleting all sources. So deactived WiFi, opened the Installer, switched to sources and deleted all but AppTap and Conceited Software (was a mistake, but a blog entry said to leave this entry).

Afterwards I tried to install apps but failed already with BSD subsystem : “Error loading package”, trying to install Community sources, IPod hang again on “Refreshing sources…” . I gave in and deleted all sources only left AppTap. Immediately I got an update note for the Installer.app (3.0 -> 3.0.1). Installation solved every problem, first it refreshed the sources and afterwards I was able to install BSD subsystem (which came in a new version) and the Community sources too (new version too). As the sources weren’t updated before the Installer tried to load old versions which don’t exist anymore I think.

AFAIK now it doesn’t hurt to delete all sources on a fresh jailbreak’ed IPod touch as installing Community sources brings them all back plus others.

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3 Responses to “iPod Touch 32 GB – Jailbreak – Updating sources freezes … [Solved]”

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  2. iPhoner said

    To speed up Installer.app refreshes saving time and traffic You can create a personalized Installer source. It can be filled with all applicatins You need avoiding those You don’t.

  3. fornetti said

    I do not believe this

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