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iPod Touch (Jailbreak -> Apps -> Lisp ?)

Posted by Michael on March 23, 2008

Got an iPod Touch /w 32 GB as a present for my 50’s birthday. Wow ! It’s really a fantastic gadget 🙂 Love it 🙂
Had little problems with my WiFi connections, but it works now too. But it’s “only” 802.11g will buy/upgrade to a new Airport Express Station.

Didn’t try jailbreak’ing yet, as there might be problems with this version of the IPod.
But would really be interesting if installing and using Lisp could be possible ! Just need a dialect with low memory footprint or an embedded one.
Now I’m really torn between many chairs *lol*

  • my Lisp playground works without any problems
  • got a new huge Delphi project to work on
  • still have to get with my lessons on OS X development
  • a friend is interested in some IPhone / IPod touch development
  • and there is interest in OS X on normal PC machines
  • and last but not least I’m waiting for my Mac Pro /w 16 GB + 2 Graphic cards
    but no Raid yet will use a network storage

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