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Lisp + libraries on Mac OS X Leopard & Linux 32/64bit

Posted by Michael on March 2, 2008

I run SBCL now on 4 different OS: Mac OS X Leopard, Gentoo 64, Gentoo 32, Suse 64 and all “behave” different.
On OS X there is no problem with loading any *.dylib – like those for cffi/uffi tests, which make’ing or loading fails on the other OS.

Edit: I have a 4 days test for another vserver runnng Debian 3.1 (32bit), just installed sbcl and tried cffi: same effect, doesn’t make *.so for testing, just freezes with a blinking cursor.
I can make the*.so’s by hand on any platform, but then SBCL can’t load them.

Will I ever understand the “why” and learn the “how” to solve?


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