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*FRUSTRATION* with SBCL on Virtuozzo Virtual Hosts

Posted by Michael on March 1, 2008

Yes, it is frustrating, can only run a 32Bit SBCL on the V-Server. But then no persistent data-storage library works.

With a 64Bit SBCL I run into those memory problems with only 400 MB RAM on the V-Server (Virtuzzo).
Running SBCL with –dynamic-space-size is possible but then I get heap errors on installing libraries like uffi or clsql.
The only alternative I can see is move to another service which offers more RAM.
But all I found yet are quite expensive.

I tried to get back to my previous installation but it doesn’t work anymore 😦 Sometimes I hate computers, when I don’t understand what’s going on. :-/ It’s really strange: Initially I installed a binary sbcl, asdf-install’d needed libs one after the other and finally hunchentoot. Had only a problem with cl+ssl cause it could find the libssl.so but ignored that (don’t use SSL yet).
Now there is already a problem with cffi with tests bypassing them I can compile everthing but it’s not 100% cause I get errors on starting the server enviroment.

I’m getting really confused now: I setup a Gentoo 64 in a VM, installed binary sbcl-10.0.15-x86-64-linux and tried installing few libs. cffi doesn’t install at all, just hangs and doesn’t return from make tests.

Looking around for Lisp friendly webhosting I wonder how sbcl runs with memory as low as 128 MB when I can’t run it with 400 MB RAM or is it related to 64bit ?


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