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iPod Touch – Updating / Refreshing sources (again)

Posted by Michael on March 30, 2008

I love my iPod, it’s great while walking my dog to listen to some music, audio books etc.

But …

Install.app doesn’t update sources again, hangs / freezes. So should I delete all sources and uninstall Community source,
update and re-install them again ?
Cydia does update sources but too often I get some POSIX error, so can’t update BossPref get another POSIX error.

This spoils a little bit my happiness, if I just could find some info about these errors. At the moment nothing new is installed,
just wait and see, if anything changes next days.

Edit (01.04.2008) Finally today Cydia updates worked, after 4 days trying …
Edit (05.04.2008) The “Featured” screen of Installer.app had changed quite a bit, but again no source update
Edit (08.04.2008) Installer.app still doesn’t refresh source, Cydia reports package errors (Redirection loop) all the time, can’t install updates. Removed all sources but AppTapp and Saurik, still can’t reinstall Cydia Packager

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Apple AirPort Express Basestation 802.11n

Posted by Michael on March 28, 2008

Got it today, it is small and neat, installation on OS X and/or Windows absolute easy.
Ok, the USB is only for a printer, but that is ok for the moment. Maybe I add another Airport Extreme Basestation or a Time Capsule.

On my Hackintosh I have only a built-in RTL8187L (USB) which didn’t work a long time but now Realtek has released new drivers here.
Now it works and even got it working inside VM’s with Windows XP / Windows Vista.

And my iPod Touch is happy too with the fast WiFi connection now.

And looking forward to my Mac Pro ….

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New iPhone SDK – second beta release

Posted by Michael on March 28, 2008

Got a mail from the iPhone Dev Center that there is a new version of the iPhone SDK (build 9A2151) available for download.
New “is support for building iPhone user interfaces using the Inteface Builder tool.”

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Mac OS X 10.5.3 Build 9D10 for developers

Posted by Michael on March 28, 2008

Since yesterday there is an update for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.3 Build 9D10 for testing on the Apple Developer connection available.

It contains changes in more than 20 areas and 75 fixed bugs

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iPod Touch – Cydia Package Manager

Posted by Michael on March 27, 2008

I gave it a try and it worked really fast. Following the instructions Cydia was installed within minutes although there was a warning about a slow installation process.

After installation I updated sources ( got an POSIX error here, but still much faster than with Installer.app ) and finally 5 updates were shown including one for Cydia itself. I chose to do all of them in one go. It finished with a message about a necessary restart of Cydia.
Interesting: Before installation I had ~125 MB free on / after still 120 MB were left although Cydia needed 35 MB for installation.
So it really does a good job of moving stuff and freeing diskspace.

Scrolling throught the package list is really amazing !

I nearly gave up the idea of any Lisp dialect on the IPod touch but now there might be hope. πŸ˜‰

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iPod Touch 32 GB – Jailbreak – Updating sources freezes … [Solved]

Posted by Michael on March 25, 2008

This link lifehacker let me trust in the process and I did it using Ziphone 2.6b. Really no more than 45″ and my iPod touch 32 GB was jailbrek’ed ! Wow !
Didn’t loose any data (WiFi, Mail account, music, calendar etc)

Then I got into troubles as the Installer.app on first start always tried “Refreshing sources” and hang / freezed …
Searching the internet didn’t help much but gave me the idea of deleting all sources. So deactived WiFi, opened the Installer, switched to sources and deleted all but AppTap and Conceited Software (was a mistake, but a blog entry said to leave this entry).

Afterwards I tried to install apps but failed already with BSD subsystem : “Error loading package”, trying to install Community sources, IPod hang again on “Refreshing sources…” . I gave in and deleted all sources only left AppTap. Immediately I got an update note for the Installer.app (3.0 -> 3.0.1). Installation solved every problem, first it refreshed the sources and afterwards I was able to install BSD subsystem (which came in a new version) and the Community sources too (new version too). As the sources weren’t updated before the Installer tried to load old versions which don’t exist anymore I think.

AFAIK now it doesn’t hurt to delete all sources on a fresh jailbreak’ed IPod touch as installing Community sources brings them all back plus others.

Interesting links

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iPod Touch (Jailbreak -> Apps -> Lisp ?)

Posted by Michael on March 23, 2008

Got an iPod Touch /w 32 GB as a present for my 50’s birthday. Wow ! It’s really a fantastic gadget πŸ™‚ Love it πŸ™‚
Had little problems with my WiFi connections, but it works now too. But it’s “only” 802.11g will buy/upgrade to a new Airport Express Station.

Didn’t try jailbreak’ing yet, as there might be problems with this version of the IPod.
But would really be interesting if installing and using Lisp could be possible ! Just need a dialect with low memory footprint or an embedded one.
Now I’m really torn between many chairs *lol*

  • my Lisp playground works without any problems
  • got a new huge Delphi project to work on
  • still have to get with my lessons on OS X development
  • a friend is interested in some IPhone / IPod touch development
  • and there is interest in OS X on normal PC machines
  • and last but not least I’m waiting for my Mac Pro /w 16 GB + 2 Graphic cards
    but no Raid yet will use a network storage

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Out of town

Posted by Michael on March 14, 2008

Was on a business trip to Rome. Only a short trip, but met such friendly people there, it was fantastic. Have to relax over the weekend now πŸ™‚

BTW: Hunchentoot is now online nearly two weeks without any problem ! Now I have to start next level of deveopment.

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SBCL x86-64 working (suse64)

Posted by Michael on March 4, 2008

Finally I managed to get a working 64 bit threaded sbcl enviroment working with hunchentoot on SUSE64 /w 400 MB RAM.

Necessary changes :

  • forget about cffi and uffi tests (at least for now) got them at least partially working
  • in cffi/src/libraries.lisp had to change (defparameter *cffi-feature-suffix-map* … (cffi-features:unix . “.so.0”))
    I don’t like this change, cause now every lib needs to be symlinked but haven’t found other working solutions yet
  • run sbcl with “–dynamic-space-size 256


  • no make’ing of any *.so (needed by clsql for example) make them by hand
  • no database or any storage backend yet got clsql installed, made needed *.so’s by hand

Now I leave it running for some days to check for memory consumption and errors.

Edit /March 06

  • 2 days working, so far no errors, adding basic pages again
  • clsql connects to a MySQL database

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Lisp : Interesting readings

Posted by Michael on March 3, 2008

collecting more …

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