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Virus, Trojan & Co: Smitfraud.c-Core Service

Posted by Michael on January 30, 2008

A friend’s old Win2k machine was really crowed with virusses and trojans. His son didn’t care about anything surfing hacker websites etc. 🙂

Repaired the installation but couldn’t get connected to updates or any website. Luckily I had SP4 on a CD and with the help of free antivir programs most things worked, but there were still strange processes on the system. Hijackthis and Spybot helped really alot here.

But one resisted: Smitfraud.c-Core Service

Google showed that many users had / have big problems with this. I was lucky and found a solution in a german forum : here (scroll down a bit)
After downloading SDfix.zip, restarted in safe mode, and ran the batch file. Got an error about not beeing able to add entries from an reg file to the registry but after rebooting and watching the ongoing cleaning process in a command window, finally it was gone !!


One Response to “Virus, Trojan & Co: Smitfraud.c-Core Service”

  1. Smitfraud said

    Smitfraud is definelty bad stuff. The first time I came across this I had a ton of problems removing it. Now whenever I run into this I do a system restore first then run the free smitfraudfix tool and then run a full scan with Spyware Doctor. If you have Smitfraud I can gurantee you are infected with other threats as well and that is way you need to use other software besides just the smitfraud fix tool.

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