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Time passes by …

Posted by Michael on January 23, 2008

1.5 year since my last post, had a really hard time, lots of trouble with customers and projects plus some private.
So no time for any progress in lisp development, forgot most about I think, so better re-start from the basics.

A major change is my move from M$ Windows to Apple Macintosh / Mac OS X as my standard working enviroment. At the moment running Leopard on a normal PC (bought a family pack and lots of other software already) I’m looking forward to buying a 24″ iMac plus a Mac Pro this spring and maybe later a MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air is nice but yet neither afforable nor powerfull enough. In the meantime have to learn a lot about development with XCode / Objective-C / Cocoa, really fascinating ! Reminds me of the NeXT Cube 🙂

Concerning Lisp: Lispbox is coming with OpenMCL 1.0, ReadyLisp with AquaMacs and SBCL, if you work with Eclipse maybe Dandelion is of interest for you. And there is a version of newLisp for OS X ( I know newLisp is not CL, but it is interesting ).


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