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(X)Emacs, Slime, SBCL on Win32

Posted by Michael on August 26, 2006

On Linux I use emacs, but wanted to give Xemacs a try on Windows and learn about the differences.

At the moment I use lispbox-0.7 with clisp-2.39 on WinXP for learning lisp. I made already a few additions to the lispbox in the past. Now only little changes where necessary and I got it working with sbcl-0.9.15 and currenct cvs version of Slime.

Then I installed XEmacs and figured how to set it up on WinXP. It worked with SBCL,
but on loading SLIME I got this error

ensure_space: failed to validate 41938944 bytes at 0x02000000
(hint: Try “ulimit -a”; maybe you should increase memory limits.)

Have no idea at the moment how to solve this.
Tried to “ulimit -s 8192” on MSys before re-compiling SBCL as mentioned on various web pages, but MSys doesn’t allow me changing stacksize. Ok, sometime, somehow I’ll get it working.


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