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LISP (libs CLX McCLIM wxCL) (tools Climacs Clim-Desktop)

Posted by Michael on June 23, 2006

I wanted to test and learn about the internals of some libraries on Gentoo

I had to fetch two additional libs ESA and SPATIAL-TREE which where missing on Gentoo. Then had to compile everything on plain SBCL without emacs/SLIME. But afterwards Climacs for example run just right away.

This was next on my list, an interesting project integrating several apps to make a Common Lisp (development) environment. But I didn't get it working due to an error in SMGL compiling CLOSEAU.

This GUI Toolkit was the last I wanted to test – for the moment. Although it's said that it works on Linux I didn't manage to.

The download from Sourceforge came with wrong access rights settings for files and directories. Then calling ./configuration stopped with errors and it took a while till I realized that the file was saved in DOS format. After hgaving corrected this it stopped complaining about some missing stuff. For the moment I gave up at this point.

Searching the Internet up and down didn't give me any further insights about how getting wxCL to work. But I'll keep trying.


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