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Lisp on Gentoo Linux: Apache2/mod_lisp2/TBNL

Posted by Michael on June 19, 2006

About my problems getting into LISP and understand what's going on I'll write another time.

As I already wrote Gentoo Linux is running on my workstation and many LISP implementations/libraries are integrated into Portage. Already some time ago I managed to get Portable AllegroServe working on SBCL on my server.
Now I wanted Apache2 working with mod_lisp2 as an alternative. First I tried this modlisp-pcl-guide.html, but soon I realized that installation of mod_lisp2 a file 10_mod_lisp2.conf added to /etc/apache2/modules.d, so no changes to the configuration where necessary. But it didn't work yet.
Searching the internet I came across this  Bill Clementson's Blog: Apache2 now supported by mod_lisp and TBNL. So I emerged the additional files, red about installation on TBNL – A Toolkit for Dynamic Lisp Websites and the tests worked right away !!!


One Response to “Lisp on Gentoo Linux: Apache2/mod_lisp2/TBNL”

  1. Marc said

    Neato. I might refer back to this at some point. I have SBCL on my Ubuntu Linux box. Haven’t tried interfacing it with Apache. I’ve mainly messed with Araneida as the web server.

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