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Switching OS to Gentoo Linux

Posted by Michael on June 15, 2006

About a month and a half ago I decided to switch all my workstation and server OS from MS Windows to Linux – although I earn my living with development for windows (Delphi, C++ etc).
I chose Gentoo as this distribution can be taylored as needed – and I had used it already few years ago. Nevertheless I was a little bit nervous in the beginning and worrying if I could manage the transition without bigger problems.

To make it short: my main development system (dual-boot Gentoo/XP) runs now

  • Gentoo with GCC 4.1.1, xfce4, WindowMaker/GNUstep, Gnome 2.14.1
  • Emacs/SLIME and SBCL, newLISP
  • Eclipse
  • VMware Workstation for development on MS Windows
  • Wine (want to get a few programs run on Linux, Dreamweaver etc)

Another two (older) workstations are for testing stuff and new enviroments.

One server runs Gentoo, Apache2/PHP, PortableAllegroServe, newLISP CMS and serves as a Portage NFS server. Another server runs VMWare Server.

Next step is testing XEN 3.0 and then building a LinuxCluster.


2 Responses to “Switching OS to Gentoo Linux”

  1. Marc said

    I just installed Wine and I can run simple apps like notepad and even IrfanView, but I haven’t figured out how to run more complex apps that need to be installed in the registry.

  2. mijn said

    I'm not yet into Wine's details. You can find help at http://winehq.org/ and their application database, or searching the internet for "wine *application-name*" often leads to some helpfull website.

    Michael (mijn-design)

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